Kent Pietsch “Jelly Belly” Act Confirmed

Kent Pietsch and his 1942 Interstate Cadet “Jelly Belly” are set to return to Tyndall AFB for the 2017 Gulf Coast Salute April 22-23.

While most aerobatic performers have one basic program, Kent executes three storied acts that leave spectators mesmerized. These include a dead-stick (turning the engine off) routine from 6,000 feet and a rooftop landing on a moving RV!

Kent is best known for a comedy act that features a detached aileron (wing flap) and a mesmerizing wingtip-scraping pass down the runway that you must see to believe.

He flies an 800-pound Interstate Cadet with a 37-foot wingspan. The plane’s horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine can generate 90 horsepower and a G-force ranging from -3 to +5.

Visit Kent’s website at to learn more.